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the 1910s—Stories of promise and peril

The 1910s, just over a hundred years ago as I start this blog, were fascinating years. People drove the first automobiles, talked on the early telephones, had the first electrical appliances, saw the first airplanes, got in the swing of early silent movies and recorded jazz. These are a few of their stories.

Jo Allison     fiction

       the Julia Nye 
ystery/Suspense series

In 1910, prohibiting the sale of alcohol is the hot-button issue of the day. And sometimes the debate gets out of hand.

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In 1910, racial tensions are fueled by ragtime and riots targeted at Black neighborhoods.

heaven front cover.jpg

In 1910, sexual slavery traps immigrant women and country women new to the cities—and now factory workers.

Bread and Roses front cover.jpg

In 1911, women workers battle for respect in offices, agencies, and factories—sometimes with lethal results.


In 1911, the fastest trip from San Francisco to St. Louis takes four days—everyone of them potentially deadly for two honeymooners.

Jo Allison                  nonfiction

Storied and Scandalous
St. Louis:

      A History of   Breweries, Baseball,
     Prejudice and                   Protest

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